Publications in Pleiades, The Lampeter Review, & Far Off Places

I’m so thrilled to share that two of my poems were just published in Issue 14 of the gorgeous Lampeter Review. Check out the issue here. I’ve also recently had two poems accepted by Pleiades and another poem accepted by Far Off Places. You can bet I’ll let you know when these are published.

The two poems in The Lampeter Review, “Memorials” and “Bardstown (no. 3)”, are based on my childhood and young adulthood in central Kentucky, though they’re certainly fictionalized. The Lampeter Review is a beautifully designed online journal out of the Lampeter Creative Writing Centre at the University of Wales, Trinity St David. Far Off Places is based in Edinburgh, and they’ll be recording a podcast reading of my poem, probably in that fantastic accent of theirs. I’m very curious and eager to hear how the poem will sound. It can be difficult, when you’re writing, to imagine how any voice but your own might read it. Once the poem slips out of your hands (and out of your control) it can be nerve-wracking to wonder how it will do in the wild.

Pleiades’ acceptance of my work is just a thrill from beginning to end. I’ve been a fan of this journal since I was 12, submitting to my first literary publications. (Yes, I started at 12, so I’ve certainly had my share of rejections.) I can’t wait to hold this issue in my hands.

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